Thursday, April 24, 2014

What Can I Say? 
Actually What I Meant To Say Is
What Is Going On In The World Of Movies Today?
Mostly My Favorite Genre Of A Movie Is Comedy Or Horror
Maybe A Little Bit Of Romance And Mystery, Also Love That Action 
And How The Effects Turn Out. Even In A Horror Movie I Like How The Sound Of A Creepy
And Scary Sound Comes On The Scene And Gets Louder And Louder And Sometimes You Might Think To Yourself Is Something Going To Happen? Is That Or This Person Going To 
Get Hurt? Well.. I Think That All The Time When I See A Horror Scene And Think Something Bad Is Going To Happen To That Person But I Must Also Say That With A Romance Movie It Is So Sweet And Cute! But Sometimes Be To Cheesy That's What I Said, But It's Still Nice To 
Look At A Romance Movie I Even Love Romeo And Juliet And Now On To Mystery.. I Must Ask Have You Heard Of Sherlock Holmes? I Love The Tv Series And The Movies. He's The 
Greatest Here Is The Three Movies I Love Of Each Genre...

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