Monday, July 28, 2014

My Dog's Bath


I gave my dog sorry a bath today. Because she was dirty from going outside for a couple of days lol so I thought I would share this story with you :)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sorry I haven't been on in a while.
I been busy and I had a lot going on and it's summer vacation so much of my time was spent on having fun so that's why I haven't been on but now I'm back and I will be making new posts.

Monday, May 19, 2014

One Day At My School We Was Told To Go In Another Room 6th Period
Because The Door Knobs From The Door Broke Off And We Went In Ms. Brantley's Room (Spanish Teacher) That's Like My 2nd Time Being In Her Class Room
Lol I Was In There With Some Goofy People Such As One Of My Best Friend's My Boyfriend Too

Let's Not Forget My X Boyfriend,
His Butt Maybe Goofy And Get's All My Nerves But I Still Love Him Just Like My Other People :)

Ps: He Had One My Coat


Sunday, May 18, 2014

I Went Grocery Shopping Yesterday  
With My Mom And Older Sister... 
We Went To Three Stores
Save A Lot, Food For Less, And Some Other Store

I Made The Word 'Loser' With My Fingers 
Lol I Was Just Bored

In Bed

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I'm Here To Take About A Very Best Friend. Derrick
He's Someone I Could Trust Like My Other Friends But Him..
I Could Honestly Say That I Could Trust Him Alot.. He Tells Me Things From Time To Time And The Best Way I Don't Think I Could Ask For A Better Best Friend

Ps: I Honesty Don't Know What I Would Do Without You Best Friend

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!
I'm Sure You All Are Giving Your Mother's Great Gifts And Showing Her How Much 
You Appreciate Her.. 
I Love My Mother, She's Really Get's Me ^ ^ Well.. At Time's Lol
But I Couldn't Have Asked For Anything Better So I'm So Blessed To Have Such 
A Wonderful Mom So Me And My Older Sister Gave Our Mom Two Great Gifts And She Loves Them! 

We Gave Her..

  • A Two Heart Necklace That On Have A Family Tree On It And The Other Heart Says "Mother Is Another Word For Love"
  • We Gave Her A Giant Card Also That We Signed Our Names At The Bottom And A Message

You Help Me Though Everything
You Comfort Me 
And Let Me Get Though My Up's And Down's 
And Helping Me Succeed In Life 
You Care For Me
And I Care For You Also 
You Mean The World To Me Like Anything Else
This Is Your Day And I Want You To Relax 
Have Fun, And Enjoy
Happy Mother's Day!

Love, Zaria





This Pic Was Like A Month Ago So.. 
Look How Much I Was Happy And Also I Was Being Very Silly!
And Had A Bit On My Mind And I Was Being Very Silly That Day, Haha That Day Was Fun

Isn't This Tree So Pretty?
Well. I Had A Good Time On Friday.
We Went On A Field Trip Downtown, Chicago And Saw A lot Of Stores and Big Building And We Saw A Beautiful River It Was So Lovely. There Was A lot Of Traffic To On The Street We All Was In Groups And We Walked For 4 Hours! Gosh That Made My Feet Hurt And I Was Exhausted.. At Least I Weared Shoes That Wasn't Going To Hurt My Feet.
We Had A Really Awesome Time It Was Really Hot Too So It Was Kinda Hard To Walk That Long While The Sun Is Out But Yeah, It Was Fun ^ ^ 

Friday, May 9, 2014

So Now I Want To Talk About My Favorite Rock Songs And Bands. I Love Bands Like Cold Play But I Going To List My Favorite Songs And Bands On Bullet List And Show A Video For Each One.

Favorite Rock Band List

  • Three Days Grace
  • Cold
  • Murder Dolls
  • My Chemical Romance

Favorite Rock Song/Band List

  • Three Days Grace~ Riot
  • Cold~ Stupid Girl
  • Murder Dolls~ My Dark Place (Alone) 
  • My Chemical Romance ~ Blood

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Well, All I Have To Say Is.. 
I Had Fun With The School Trip A Few Or A Month Ago With The Black Women Expo 20th Anniversary All Of The Girls From My School Was On The Field Trip While The Guys Stayed At The School And Did.. Work
But I Did Have A Good Time We Gotten A lot Of Free Samples, We Did Karaoke And A lot Of Other Stuff That I Love It! 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Love Is Trust Poem

Love Is Trust 
Love Has To Do With Trust 
If You Love That Person You Would Tell Them
How Much You Mean To Them 
And If You Care Deeply For That Person
You Would Show Them
How Much You Mean The World To Them   
But If You Are Serious About That Someone You Would Show
Other People That You Are
Love Is A Real Feeling And Express Other People's Feelings 
Trust Shows You Can Believe That One Person      

Well, Hello good people 

I'm here to talk about my favorite movies..

We all know we have our own favorite movies and have a lot to say about each movie we watch, we think about questions and thought this or that should have happened in the film which makes it much fun for the movie.. you have things to say about the movie and such like my favorite films i'm going to tell you each of my favorite movies by numbers ...

  1. Halloween
  2. Carrie
  3. The Purge
  4. The Strangers 
  5. Nightmare On Elm Street 
  6. Friday The 13th
  7. My Bloody Valentine 
  8. Jeepers Creepers  

On Christmas last year I gotten a lot of clothes and a tablet (Kindle Fire) And I also got a Violin and I really love my instrument. I even have other kinds of instruments, like
a Piano,Harmonica, Guitar, Flute and Violin.. i will probably get a Harp and Drums I had a very nice Christmas last year, hope you guys did to and now we are in a new year and we will try to make this the best year better than last year.